The Art Of Project Management

The Art Of Project Management

Project Management is a quite a challenging task since the project manager is expected to take care of all facets of the project, balance various resources with the tasks at hand and also to ensure successful and timely closure. In order to be able to complete a project on time, the project manager needs to either get things done or make things happen; this is referred to as “The Art of Project management”. However, project management software and other collaboration tools play an important role in successfully completing complex projects.

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The following are the Fundamentals of the Art of Project Management:-

  1. Prepare a detailed plan before you start acting on the project goals:-

As a project manager, you need to chalk out a detailed, actionable plan before starting your project. A good project plan will define the scope of the project, the responsibilities of each team member as well as the deadlines for completing tasks. It must also include measurable goals which you can use to determine the quantum of progress made on the project. Without a well-defined scope and goals of the project, even the most qualified and experienced project manager cannot assure project’s success.

  1. Break your project into smaller milestones:-

A complex project has to be broken down into small, achievable goals. Moreover, you can further break down your project into small, daily tasks so that you may track the progress on a daily or weekly basis. This is more relevant in case of technical projects such as software development and web applications. That is because even small additions or changes in requirements make a big difference to the progress made on the project.

  1. Focus on achieving one project milestone at a time:-

If you are managing a large and complex project, you will have many smaller milestones to be achieved at regular intervals. If you want to motivate your team members and keep them focused, it is important that you approach your project on a milestone-to-milestone basis. When you are successful in achieving smaller milestones, you become sure that your project is on the right track. Therefore, one of the greatest skills in project management is to be able to attain success in smaller goals while remaining focused on the bigger picture.

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  1. Use project management software to keep track of things:-

Modern project management software helps your team to remain connected even while working on the project. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to manage complex projects without a centralized source of information for everyone to access. Project management software can help with multiple aspects of project management such as project planning, budgeting, time tracking, file sharing, risk analysis, Gantt charts and email integration. Therefore, the effective use of project management tools can give you added advantage.

  1. Test each deliverable once it’s ready to find and fix any problems:-

It is advisable to test every deliverable prior to release. This process is more relevant in case of software or web development projects because a small error can cost far more to fix after release than to fix prior to release. So it becomes necessary to carry out comprehensive alpha and beta testing so as to find bugs and glitches in the software.

  1. Ensure constant communication with your team:-

Encouraging open communication is very essential to effectively manage projects. This is because being a project manager; you need to give out adequate and clear instructions to the team regarding the tasks required to be completed. Not only that, you also need to know what your team is working on and if there are any challenges along the way. This will help you to analyze the situation and take necessary action in case of issues or delays.

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A Project Manager is like the “Captain of the Ship”. So, it becomes even more essential for him to master “The Art of Project Management”. He has to have adequate skills and the required knowledge to lead the project towards success. By following the above fundamentals of project management, a project manager will be in a better position to make things happen.

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