7 Quick Tips Regarding Project Management App

Project management is a task of great responsibility in modern organizations. In order to execute a project successfully, the project manager and his team should be supported by a set of tools. The most important and useful tool is the Project Management App, which helps in increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of the business.

7 Quick Tips Regarding Project Management App

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Below are the seven quick tips to get the most out of your Project Management Tool:-

  1. Find a project management system that’s right for your organization and budget:

There are scores of PM software you can choose from. If you’re looking for a basic tool to manage tasks, streamline communication and share files then steer clear from programs that offer extra unnecessary features. If the software is too overwhelming or complicated to use then your team will hesitate to use the software. In that case, the project manager will have a hard time to get his team to efficiently use the project management system. Whichever project management tool you decide to go with, give your prospective system a thorough test drive to ensure that the solution is simple and requires minimal support from IT to make the transition easier.

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  1. Don’t forget about mobility:

The workforce of today is dynamic and increasingly mobile. Therefore, choose a project management app that is mobile optimized. This will allow your team to be more productive and efficient even while they’re “on the go”.  A mobile-optimized platform means employees can use their smartphones and tablets to access files and information and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

  1. Make sure the software can integrate with other key applications:

File sharing is an important component for collaboration. Whether the data is hosted on local servers or in the cloud, file sharing should provide data security as well as an easy interface that keeps everything organized. The project management app should be able to integrate with other key apps to facilitate project costing, expense reimbursement, payroll and other processes.

  1. Be realistic about expectations:

PM software should support and automate excellent project management processes, not replace them. You have to set realistic expectations from the system. It’s good to know that a project management tool mainly provides three basic functions: data acquisition and management, decision support and reporting & graphing.

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  1. Do an incremental rollout – and make sure people are properly trained:

Based on the task assigned to a team member, you have to provide access to specific capabilities with the PM system. Rolling every capability out to every employee on day one may be disastrous. As and when the project team expands, you may incrementally roll out everything to small sets of users or roll out specific capabilities to all users. Before you roll out the software, make sure people are trained on at least the basic features and provide advanced training to those who require it.

  1. Make sure all team members are using the PM software and not another system:

If you’re using a project management system with integrated communication tools, then you need to make sure that all team members use only the PM software and not any other system. This will ensure that the entire project team knows each and every aspect of the project and there is no communication gap.

  1. Use your PM system to keep track of costs and productivity:

If your PM software has an in-built real-time information and reporting system for status and margins, utilize it. These metrics will help you to track the progress of a project and make it easy to make necessary adjustments to ensure profitable and on-time delivery.

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