We all are bound by time and if you’re working in a startup, time is as precious as the funding that you receive or invest. Apart from managing a zillion things to make your firm work, managing time to execute your plans is quite critical. Increasing your productivity and reducing your stress should be your utmost priority and below are few tips that can help you achieve it.

1) Small Goals, Win Big!

Start with setting small goals for yourself. This will help you to concentrate on little things, which really changes the bigger picture.

2) Prioritize your Work!

Setting goals doesn’t make sense if you don’t prioritize your tasks. Make a to do list for yourself in a day and prioritize the tasks. This will help you to meet deadlines and reduce your stress. Use project-planning apps to synchronize your work.

3) Know your Appetite!

Have you ever filled your plate with lots of food and left it cause you were full? Happens a lot right. When at work it’s a similar scenario, don’t take extra work or assign yourself more tasks if you already have your hands full.

4) Learn to say No!

Being in a startup you always want to impress or make a mark for yourself and end up saying yes to everything you’re asked to do. It’s not a good practice, as this will just increase your workload, stress and reduce the quality of your work.

5) Do it Now!

This is what I keep telling myself every few hours cause I am a big Procrastinator! Humans work similar to rockets; we don’t work till our ass is not on fire. Avoid working on the last day to meet your deadline, this affects the quality of your work and takes your stress level to infinity.

6) No Long Meetings!

Meetings are the most time consuming and make sure you take meetings in the most efficient way. Brief the team about the meeting earlier through mail so you don’t end up wasting time telling everyone what is it about. Also, it doesn’t always have to be a conference room. Conduct stand up meetings to save time.

7) Take small Breaks

Make sure you have a 5 minutes break after completing your tasks. You deserve it, more importantly you need it! Working constantly stagnates your brain and will block all your creative ideas. Your brain and body needs to relax to get the best out of you!

8) Be an Optimist!

Staying positive and happy about your work will get half of your work done. If mentally you can visualize your success and maintain that thought process throughout you will execute it. Believe in yourself.

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