Project Management Mobile And Handhelds

Project Management Mobile and Handhelds

Project Management On Mobile! – Project Planning Pro

The world evolving at breathtaking pace and the technologies have changed the way we carry out our tasks, be it in any field. You’ve got to be on your toes to have a competitive advantage over your competitors or just stay ahead in game.

More than 80% of the world population access Internet, emails or work related documents through their mobile phones. Mobile phones and tablets have changed the way we function and carry out our operations today. People are no longer confined to their cubicles or their desktops and today’s millennial prefer operating on the go anytime and anywhere.

Imagine you are Project Manager at a Construction Site.

  • Will you wait to get back to office to update the progress?
  • Wouldn’t it help if you could just update the tasks as and when you inspect it or your colleagues could notify you about task completion?
  • There are many things you come to know when you’re on site and have to make note of it and update it when you access your project back at your office. Isn’t this open to missing out on vital information? Wouldn’t adding note right there in tasks at that very moment be critical?

It would save lot of time, increase your productivity and may also save you from project failure if all this was possible. This drawback is not restricted to Construction Industry. Similar problems are faced if you are IT Industry, manufacturing, marketing, logistics where you have make changes in plans on immediate basis and missing them later would affect the cost and success of project.

Project Planning Pro to fill up these gaps and makes your life a bit easier. With Project Planning Pro you can import projects created in Microsoft Project on your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. You can create new plans or edit existing ones anytime and anywhere thus helping you to save time and improve your productivity. You can sync it with dropbox and make it available for your colleagues anytime and anywhere.

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