Project Managers use project planning tools to be able to effectively plan, schedule and manage their projects. Project Management Apps help project managers (PM) who juggle a number of activities to stay organized and keep track of the project at all times. Using project planning apps can ensure smooth running of the business since the PM can easily collaborate on projects, delegate tasks, set timelines, track projects and communicate with staff, clients and vendors. There are currently innumerable apps available as project planning tools for mobiles.

However, the Project Planning Pro is the most versatile app as it is compatible with all types of operating systems.Hence, it can be used on all types of devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet and Mac Computers. The workforce in today’s times is dynamic and increasingly mobile, project planning apps help PM’s to streamline and simplify tasks and ensure proper execution of the project.

Project Planning Pro is the ultimate “task, resource and project management app”. It is the best personal project management tool which helps you to plan and manage simple as well as complex projects. This simple and easy to use tool helps you to create a simple project in less than 5 minutes with its ready to use templates. The app gives you the flexibility to manage projects anytime, anywhere. Now you can easily manage projects while on the go; it doesn’t matter whether you are in a meeting or out of office.

This app is designed to ensure complete project mobility and is an ideal option for project managers who are looking for a project management tool on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Project Planning Pro has been the recipient of Best App Ever Awards 2013 in the “Best Business App” category as a Runner-up as well as Appsters Awards and Best Enterprise App in 2014.

Project Planning Pro: Appsters Awards 2014 & Best AppEver Awards

The features of the Project Planning Pro App are as follows:

  • The app supports import of project plans in the XML format created using either Microsoft Project or Project Planning Pro App. Create project plans or import existing Microsoft Project plans and edit/update on the go. It allows import/export of plans from/to Dropbox, BOX, Email and iTunes.
  • Share projects as PDF, CSV or XML files. Plus, you can export plans as XML file back to Microsoft Project.
  • 4 types of task links – finish-to-start (FS), start-to-start (SS), finish-to-finish (FF) and start-to-finish (SF).
  • Provides Multiple Views to analyse and review plans.
  •  Create custom calendars.
  • Filter tasks by task name, duration, % complete, start date, finish date and resource.

The following are the advantages of using Online Project Management Apps:

  • Using project planning tools on mobile devices ensures easy accessibility to various project team members who may be scattered across different geographical locations. So each team member is up to date with the project and can quickly deal with issues when they arise.
  • Online project management tools easily integrate with other products such as GoogleDocs, SalesForce, etc. For projects which require a lot of documentation, document sharing enables project team members to edit and update status reports for better transparency and communication.
  • Online project management software reduces per user license costs since purchasing multiple licenses can be avoided.
  • Cloud based project management tools offer flexibility as usage is based on the organization’s needs such as knowing project risks, meeting deadlines and tracking budgets.

Create Project Plans by Project Planning Pro

 Become a smart manager; use the Project Planning Pro App to drive your project forward. It can be used for all types of projects, regardless of the industry.