In the past many of our loyal users have contributed to Project Planning Pro and helped make it a huge success that it is now. With all your support and feedback we have made Project Planning Pro an app that is used by over a million users worldwide. To make it even better our users’ participation really is the key.

We are planning to release many new features in the months to come on all the platforms the app is available on. However we would like to hear from our users first hand, as to what you guys feel is need of the hour. This will help us prioritize our development efforts and bring out the features that matter to you first.

Therefore we are forming an official volunteers team called ‘Builders’. The team will have very simple responsibilities and specific rewards. We will listen closely to each of our members and analyze your feedback. We hope everyone will consider joining to improve Project Planning Pro and we in turn will tell thousands of our Social fans about who our Builders are.

Builders Team:

Builders will get assigned levels as soon as they sign up, which means you are a special user of Project Planning Pro who works with us. The highest Level 4 is also called the Ninja level. We will credit our Ninja’s on our social pages for every new app update. We will also give out iTunes gift cards to our Ninja’s from time to time.

Builder Level:

Level 1: As soon as you sign up

Level 2: 1-2 Email feedbacks

Level 3: 2-4 Email feedbacks

Level 4 (Ninja): 1 Phone/Skype call OR > 4 email feedbacks

Come join us and be part of our awesome Project Planning Pro team. Simply fill up the form below to get started.