97.3% of our users are now crash free

Project Planning Pro - Crash Free Users


The current version of the app 1.7.7 is stable.

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We take stability seriously

Creating a project plan is hard work and time consuming and the last thing one wants is their work being interrupted by a crash. We take stability of our app seriously and work very hard towards it. However, every now and then a little bug goes unnoticed and this is what happened to our previous release PPP 1.7.6.  Our crash-free users number dipped to 79%, a bottom that we have never hit in all the 3 years of the apps existence.

Our powerful monitoring systems set off an alarm the minute PPP 1.7.6 went live pulling us back on to our feet and putting us into a troubleshooting mode within minutes. What started off as a problem was soon to turn into a crisis with 1992 crashes and 546 users affected within 2 days.

We fixed the problem and released a new version 1.7.7 in 2 days, which is a small feat in itself as the App Store Review process can take upwards of 7 days at times.

Why does the app crash at all?

Some of you may ask, why should the app crash at all? Why are 3% of the users still affected? A simple answer to this lies in the complexity of our app. With more than 100,000 lines of code and more being added with each new release, the margin of error keeps getting thinner. What we do ensure is, that none of your data is lost and when the app is relaunched after a crash we recover your work as well.

Simulating a production environment is challenging, resource intensive and costly. But this is an investment we have decided to make by automating our testing procedures to reduce the effect of human error and deliver the most crash-free product to our end users. We have set ourselves a target of 98.5% crash-free users for the next version release 1.7.8 and are committed to deliver that.

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