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Import Microsoft Project Plans

How to import Microsoft Project Plans to your Project Planning Pro app

To import Microsoft Project Plans, start off, by saving the file in XML format.

To Save file:

1) Launch Microsoft Project and select Open Recent Projects

2) Open a Project Plan of your choice

Project Professional


3) Click on File & select Save As to save the file in XML format at a desired location in your computer.

4) In the Save As window, change Save as type: to XML format

Choose XML File

5) Click Save

Your Project Plan is now saved in the XML format.

6) To open this XML file in Project Planning Pro

a) Upload the XML file to Dropbox or Box for iOS, GDrive or Dropbox for Android and Skydrive for Windows.


b) Email the XML file as an attachment to yourself and open it from the default mail client in your tablet device

7) Use the Import Option in Project Planning Pro to access your plans.


Import Project Plan

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